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More Updates :)

2009-06-15 19:37:26 by WWE-CHAMP-CENA

OK, Heres what's completed so far in Kingdom Hearts Fun Flash 1.3:
-The Menu
-The First Question
-The Second Question
-The Third Question

:). LOL. Im working on it now, as you see 3/100 questions isnt alot of progress :P
Anyway, Onto the other side of things, 1.2 had music issues which im trying to see if i can fix in 1.3..I'm pretty sure I can. Today my focus will be on inputting my knoledge into the newly refurbished (or however you spell it) KH 101. Now known as KH Revision. Ill post more about this today.

Also, im making a blog specially for KHFF on Wordpress, link will come soon.

Heres some proof.

it's the title screen =D.
The blue thing you see is a special video I've put there to make everything look nice. What are your opinions on the new setup of the menu? Also, the whole thing has the feel of the gold bg to it. Except for the preloader screen. that's blueish. :). I'll be posting updates regulary now.

I'm also thinking of finishing 2.1, never got around to it unfortunatley.

as proof im working on KHFF3

crap crap crap crap...

2009-06-13 23:26:39 by WWE-CHAMP-CENA

No im not dead. yes, none of you will beileve what follows (unless you REALLY DO CARE ABOUT ME D=)

Anyway, Old laptop died, got a new one, working on KHFF3 AS YOU READ THIS. THAT IS CORRECT.
Put if off for too long, finally decided to get off my ass.

Anyway, For those who want to know some things about what is too come in the beta of khff...

-New Menu design!
-New question setups! There will be 100 (hopefully. depends on what i feel like doing.)
-New pictures! (yay!!)
-KH101 has been Extended, Renamed ("KH Revision") and Contains USEFULL INFORMATION
now. about the promised dress up. yes, i do have plans to complete that, and fullfil that promise. this has been made easier by my newly found talent in drawing, and i now have a scanner! however i think it would be crap if i did it myself. Im intrested in finding someone who can draw and Digitaly Colour to my every need >=D. SO, if you are intrested in helping the production, please contact me!!!

More to come as it develops. note that some of the promised features from before this post will NOT be included in the beta. the beta will be just the essentials- a basic revision, the full quiz, no gallery, or no extras.

Haha! I Beat Phantom!

2008-11-14 21:14:53 by WWE-CHAMP-CENA

Ok, so it's not flash related..but, and i know it's like not a great achievment anymore, but, you all know that annoying Phantom boss from Kingdom Hearts, at the neverland clock tower? well, I finally defeated him.

Yeah, Lots to explain here. Well, My dissaperence is because of my dad's new job. he got one in victoria (Australia) and we lived in Queensland, so it was quite a big move. I didnt have time to log onto newgrounds, or work on any of my flashes (as I hope many of you understand that.)

Now, I think i know what them 2 comments are about from my last post. where's the beta? well, being honest with you..I have no idea. KHFF3 is just taking too long, so Im definatley putting it on hold. dont kill me. but, to make up for it, Im making 2 new flash games- Great ones. I'm going all out on these ones. using Photoshop,Illustrator,and of course flash..these 2 games are going to be great.

Let's talk about the first one. It's definatley a work in progress, and sort of taking shape. but, It has a sorta will emit a "greenie" theme to it. why? because it's a game where you controll the sun using the arrow keys, and have to shine your brilliant light down on the earth to grow the plants..but, then the weather changes. now, you controll a rain cloud, and have to water the plants of the earth. but then, the complication..over-watering will cause a plant to die, and so will over-heat. a little meter at the top right hand corner will show you how much the plant can take, before it dies. on some plants the meter might increase greatly, and on some it might not. and, some plants will take a while to recover if it is over-something or rather. well, that's what ive got in mind anyway. it's about 1% done. by that, I mean the menu design, and what the rain cloud will look like. but, Theres a problem. I have no idea how I am going to make it so that the plant will grow, or how the meter will change etc. If anyone is availible to help, I will apreciate it greatly.

The second one, I have no idea about. :P

Well..Shortly..the (really crap) beta will be uploaded.

Yeah, It's not 1.3 entirley..
i haven't even finished most the stuff..

---Don't Get angry...

The BEST news!

2008-07-11 05:33:47 by WWE-CHAMP-CENA

Your all going to be excited bout this!

I have decided to drastically work on 3rd addition to the Fun Flash Sereies. It will be uploaded at latest in 2 weeks. (Including the week startin soon) It would be even earlier, But, I have run into some problems that are my computers fault, but i have gotten around these. Now, 1 to 2 Hours after the initial realese of 1.3 on newgrounds, you will be able to download either of the files listed below..or both.

The First One, Will be the game. just it. Nothing Else.

The Other One, Will Include:
1. The Game
2. a TXT with the scene planner (what i used to keep track of what scene links to what etc)
3. A TXT with a little bit of infomation on how to acsess stuff in the other games
(It will be in a rar file.)

But, Whats really tough in the game is the Kairi Dress Up..I'll share the problems.

Problem 1:
I can't find a Kairi Kingdom Hearts 2 Render..If anyone finds one, Please PM me. A Render is:
An Image that has the white background removed. when placed in a program like Paint, Photoshop,Flash Etc. The images below that one are visible, except for that covered by the image itself. They are saved as .png files. If you have one, or can make one, please PM me!

Problem 2:
Clothing Renders
It isn't a big deal, but drawing clothing on flash= Crap. well for me anyway. If you can find any clothing renders, that look Kingdom hearts-ish, or if you can cut/crop some, pm me. This isn't such a nescesary since i CAN do the clothing renders, just the kairi dress up will be featutured in V2 KHFF 1.3..let me explain that now.

It will be the "Fine Tuned" Version of the game. All sugestions that are placed beetween the first 2 weeks of the game on newgrounds, will go into the 2nd version of the game. you can call it the "Fan Version" or something..

For a While now ive been thinking..what about a downloadable version of the fun flashes? with no size limit i can really make and add all those extra features to the game..Also, Include the Kairi Dress Up...So, Im Making what will be called "Ultima" edditions of the 2 fun flashes- KHFF1U Will be realesed first for download, and you can bet I will add questions, and will use the best sugestions in the process.

And, Hentai Ultima a.k.a KHFF3, WONT be realesed anytime soon. Why? Because As i have expressed, i want this to be good..and, with the new 3 game realeses, I know new hentai is going to arise.

:O Update!

2008-07-01 02:46:00 by WWE-CHAMP-CENA

Well, This is a DISAPOINTING Post.

1. Kingdom Hearts Fun Flash 1.3 has been held off for a while. I am working hard on it, but something else came my way...

What if i was to make a series of Fun Flashes, for different games? it would appeal to a wide variety of audiences! So, Without hesitation, i started on something..i didn't know what. I just designed. And, Then, I decided...It wont be a "Fun Flash"

it will be... Well..Untitled.
I can disclose this much to you all, as i just like keeping people anxious! READ ON FOR THE HINTS

1. Elves or Humans, Whatever you want to call them will be in this hentai game
2. the game its based off has spaned many consoles
3. It's A Classic.

Well, the 1st hint mightve gave it away. but anyway..The public realese date will be announced next week!

The New Thing..

2008-05-10 05:21:30 by WWE-CHAMP-CENA

Well, Kingdom Hearts Fun Flash isn't a suitable name for something that includes hentai..So, After lots of thinking, I rename the series..or, the 2 submissions..Kingdom Hearts Hentai Ultima.
Pretty Cool Huh? So, Im going to make some minor edits to the submissionsm mainly just changing the names, but I might make some other little edits too.

and, Before I progress more on Kingdom Hearts Hentai Ultima 1.3, I'm sure you all know about the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix's. Good. well, Kinda..Late Celebrating Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix + Im Gonna Create:
Kingdom Hearts Hentai Ultima Final Mix!
well, thats it's name so far..