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Explaining my Dissaperance, and more..

2008-11-01 01:11:20 by WWE-CHAMP-CENA

Yeah, Lots to explain here. Well, My dissaperence is because of my dad's new job. he got one in victoria (Australia) and we lived in Queensland, so it was quite a big move. I didnt have time to log onto newgrounds, or work on any of my flashes (as I hope many of you understand that.)

Now, I think i know what them 2 comments are about from my last post. where's the beta? well, being honest with you..I have no idea. KHFF3 is just taking too long, so Im definatley putting it on hold. dont kill me. but, to make up for it, Im making 2 new flash games- Great ones. I'm going all out on these ones. using Photoshop,Illustrator,and of course flash..these 2 games are going to be great.

Let's talk about the first one. It's definatley a work in progress, and sort of taking shape. but, It has a sorta will emit a "greenie" theme to it. why? because it's a game where you controll the sun using the arrow keys, and have to shine your brilliant light down on the earth to grow the plants..but, then the weather changes. now, you controll a rain cloud, and have to water the plants of the earth. but then, the complication..over-watering will cause a plant to die, and so will over-heat. a little meter at the top right hand corner will show you how much the plant can take, before it dies. on some plants the meter might increase greatly, and on some it might not. and, some plants will take a while to recover if it is over-something or rather. well, that's what ive got in mind anyway. it's about 1% done. by that, I mean the menu design, and what the rain cloud will look like. but, Theres a problem. I have no idea how I am going to make it so that the plant will grow, or how the meter will change etc. If anyone is availible to help, I will apreciate it greatly.

The second one, I have no idea about. :P


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2008-11-01 01:13:58

Also, belated happy halloween


2008-11-08 14:14:58

thanks for the info


2008-11-30 07:10:54

So you reall stop KHFF?Great i wait so long and now that!