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crap crap crap crap...

2009-06-13 23:26:39 by WWE-CHAMP-CENA

No im not dead. yes, none of you will beileve what follows (unless you REALLY DO CARE ABOUT ME D=)

Anyway, Old laptop died, got a new one, working on KHFF3 AS YOU READ THIS. THAT IS CORRECT.
Put if off for too long, finally decided to get off my ass.

Anyway, For those who want to know some things about what is too come in the beta of khff...

-New Menu design!
-New question setups! There will be 100 (hopefully. depends on what i feel like doing.)
-New pictures! (yay!!)
-KH101 has been Extended, Renamed ("KH Revision") and Contains USEFULL INFORMATION
now. about the promised dress up. yes, i do have plans to complete that, and fullfil that promise. this has been made easier by my newly found talent in drawing, and i now have a scanner! however i think it would be crap if i did it myself. Im intrested in finding someone who can draw and Digitaly Colour to my every need >=D. SO, if you are intrested in helping the production, please contact me!!!

More to come as it develops. note that some of the promised features from before this post will NOT be included in the beta. the beta will be just the essentials- a basic revision, the full quiz, no gallery, or no extras.


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