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KH FUN FLASH: ULTIMA Editions & Kingdom Hearts Hentai Ultima (KHFF3)

2008-07-08 09:11:19 by WWE-CHAMP-CENA

For a While now ive been thinking..what about a downloadable version of the fun flashes? with no size limit i can really make and add all those extra features to the game..Also, Include the Kairi Dress Up...So, Im Making what will be called "Ultima" edditions of the 2 fun flashes- KHFF1U Will be realesed first for download, and you can bet I will add questions, and will use the best sugestions in the process.

And, Hentai Ultima a.k.a KHFF3, WONT be realesed anytime soon. Why? Because As i have expressed, i want this to be good..and, with the new 3 game realeses, I know new hentai is going to arise.


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2008-07-11 01:45:13

dude hurry up with this stuff because it is the best plz hurry but if you hurry it will be bad so slow dow and drink power thist to speed up lol jk jk but plz just hurry i love this lol just hurry i dont need it i got more inportent stuff for me to do then look at hentai but it is cool thank for making this stuff


2011-06-16 02:30:52

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