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2008-07-11 05:33:47 by WWE-CHAMP-CENA

Your all going to be excited bout this!

I have decided to drastically work on 3rd addition to the Fun Flash Sereies. It will be uploaded at latest in 2 weeks. (Including the week startin soon) It would be even earlier, But, I have run into some problems that are my computers fault, but i have gotten around these. Now, 1 to 2 Hours after the initial realese of 1.3 on newgrounds, you will be able to download either of the files listed below..or both.

The First One, Will be the game. just it. Nothing Else.

The Other One, Will Include:
1. The Game
2. a TXT with the scene planner (what i used to keep track of what scene links to what etc)
3. A TXT with a little bit of infomation on how to acsess stuff in the other games
(It will be in a rar file.)

But, Whats really tough in the game is the Kairi Dress Up..I'll share the problems.

Problem 1:
I can't find a Kairi Kingdom Hearts 2 Render..If anyone finds one, Please PM me. A Render is:
An Image that has the white background removed. when placed in a program like Paint, Photoshop,Flash Etc. The images below that one are visible, except for that covered by the image itself. They are saved as .png files. If you have one, or can make one, please PM me!

Problem 2:
Clothing Renders
It isn't a big deal, but drawing clothing on flash= Crap. well for me anyway. If you can find any clothing renders, that look Kingdom hearts-ish, or if you can cut/crop some, pm me. This isn't such a nescesary since i CAN do the clothing renders, just the kairi dress up will be featutured in V2 KHFF 1.3..let me explain that now.

It will be the "Fine Tuned" Version of the game. All sugestions that are placed beetween the first 2 weeks of the game on newgrounds, will go into the 2nd version of the game. you can call it the "Fan Version" or something..


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2008-07-11 07:28:37

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