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Entry #14

More Updates :)

2009-06-15 19:37:26 by WWE-CHAMP-CENA

OK, Heres what's completed so far in Kingdom Hearts Fun Flash 1.3:
-The Menu
-The First Question
-The Second Question
-The Third Question

:). LOL. Im working on it now, as you see 3/100 questions isnt alot of progress :P
Anyway, Onto the other side of things, 1.2 had music issues which im trying to see if i can fix in 1.3..I'm pretty sure I can. Today my focus will be on inputting my knoledge into the newly refurbished (or however you spell it) KH 101. Now known as KH Revision. Ill post more about this today.

Also, im making a blog specially for KHFF on Wordpress, link will come soon.


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2009-06-26 17:16:41

Can't wait for the next one, although with your questions, try to have the answers right this time :P In the first quiz 2 of your answers were wrong although you did have the correct answers in your options.

If you needed help with KH knowledge or possibly anythign else I could help, feel free to let me know, I'd be happy to assist.


2010-10-22 11:23:22

Are you still working on it? its been really really REALLY long.


2010-12-04 04:46:17

I'm gonna be honest when I say, WHATS TAKING SO LONG!!! I'm sorry if I sound angry but its been a F***ing long time and some of us are getting impatient... In other news... Keep up the good work!!! :D