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Haha! I Beat Phantom!

2008-11-14 21:14:53 by WWE-CHAMP-CENA

Ok, so it's not flash related..but, and i know it's like not a great achievment anymore, but, you all know that annoying Phantom boss from Kingdom Hearts, at the neverland clock tower? well, I finally defeated him.


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2008-11-14 21:37:13

I beat him ages ago but it took time as I had to keep using stop on the clock tower...but the easiest way to beat him was to stock up on mega-ethers for everyone


2008-12-20 21:36:37

dude what lvl did you beat him at i just beat him like 2 months in im still like holy crpe i cant bellive i deat that thing it is just way to hard i was lvl 87 i think i dont remember any more because im liek lvl 100 now but still he was hard i was starting to think about using cheats i dont care what any one tells you that is still an achievment because it is hard as hell so congrats tell me if you beat the one in agrobob or what ever you call it alladins place you know what i mean right well tell me ok but again nice job


2009-06-06 20:56:05

When are you making the Kairi dress up game?


2010-12-04 04:43:57

I dont know if this means I have no life but I've beaten both KH 1 and 2 100%... And yes I believe that the Phantom is a harder fight than sephiroth since I beat the Phantom at level 82 where as I beat Sephiroth at level 68... WTG MAN!!!