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Kingdom Hearts Fun Flash 1.3 News

2008-05-05 02:19:42 by WWE-CHAMP-CENA

Okay, Bad news. After working through 2 sketchpads filled with ideas,menu designs,quiz questions,dress up plans,and notes..I have worked out this is gonna take much longer then expected...I originally planned for KH FF 1.3 to be realesed this month,but I know If I did get it up by the end of the month, the flash would have lost it's quality. So, I am deciding to settle on what some of you might call a ridicoulus date-Demember 08. Yes, I know that's along way away, but, I will realese some Demos. These could range from a Non Hentai versions of the Dress Up Games, maybe a mini quiz,or even a KH101 standalone. I'm really,really sorry for delaying the realese date to december,but I can assure you, You won't see another Hentai Quiz like it.

If You have some KH Related stuff,hentai or not that you would like to be in the Fun Flash, contact me, and I'll see what I can do.

Good News is I have completed the Planning process. Now, I'm onto the Preloader and the Menu Designs..I have input a Password function for the Kairi dress up, and i'm now seeing what pictures will make the, 5% done.

If your still thinking what a ridicoulus realese date, then, Read On, for the full reason.

The Planning process took longer then expected. By the time I had finished, it was may 01. I didn't get to work on the flash, but did manage to find new pictures.Then, I had to go and buy Flash 9. I did, installed everything, then, started on the flash. I have finished the preloader,but ran into some scripting errors-once i had fixed them up, I tried it,and it worked, meaning theres the "core" of the flash done. The Dress up games I'm doing first, but keep running into scripting errors, and Keep changing the way I draw kairi, to see what pose works best..Settled on one sexy pose, then thought why not have all the poses i drew included? so, I added them. Then,Started on the clothes...Since I dont have a mouse, It takes a long time to get everything perfect, (About 2 Days). Finally, had done the 3 menu's of clothes, and now doing the scripting..1 day gone. The next day, I had a break from the making of the dress up game, and started making the hentai quiz. iv'e got 25/250 questions done, when i decided to have 3 options-Long quiz, short and Medium. Long Quiz, a whopping 500 questions. And, Lets face it-sitting typing all day gets really uncomfortable. and, I just keep going over the dress up making sure it's perfect..

I'm going as fast as i can, and MAYBE i might complete it by July. MAYBE.

Uh Oh..looks like all this time, my website was never updated. Don't worry, i'll get this sorted out in no time. Sorry for the inconvienence :O if there was any

KH Fun Flash 1.3

2008-04-25 00:37:12 by WWE-CHAMP-CENA

The latest addition to the Kingdom Hearts Fun Flash series will be added soon..and you, better beileve it's gonna get better. this time, it's gonna be made in Flash 9. and, you better prepare for the hardest Kingdom Hearts Questions ever. It's gonna be long. So long, i'm adding a checkpoint system. make it past a checkpoint question, and if you get a question wrong from then to the next checkpoint, Instead of starting from Q1 again, youll simply return to the checkpoint. The Long awaited Kairi dress up game will be added-hope you remember that code. and, new "Unlock Quiz's" will be added..these are quizes that once completed will unlock bonus content. And then, theres the CATOGORIZED QUIZes. these quizes allow you to get rewarded with the category related hentai pictures you chose. Then, the even sexier Namin'e dress up..also, Learn even more about Kingdom Hearts using the More In-depth,extended,better looking Kingdom Hearts 101. Also, the Right Click menu will be disabled-no more cheating for you! you will also be able to get a new code. something exclusive for KH 1.4. Check my website for more info on the game, by going to upcoming projects.

This game is gonna be so great, I might submit a KH 101 by itself for you fans of the series to get the "Extra Knoledge" that you'll need for the questions. might even submit a "KH Fun Flash 1.3 Demo" when i feel that enough progress has been done for one.


2008-04-20 05:02:38 by WWE-CHAMP-CENA


I don't really know either.