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:O Update!

2008-07-01 02:46:00 by WWE-CHAMP-CENA

Well, This is a DISAPOINTING Post.

1. Kingdom Hearts Fun Flash 1.3 has been held off for a while. I am working hard on it, but something else came my way...

What if i was to make a series of Fun Flashes, for different games? it would appeal to a wide variety of audiences! So, Without hesitation, i started on something..i didn't know what. I just designed. And, Then, I decided...It wont be a "Fun Flash"

it will be... Well..Untitled.
I can disclose this much to you all, as i just like keeping people anxious! READ ON FOR THE HINTS

1. Elves or Humans, Whatever you want to call them will be in this hentai game
2. the game its based off has spaned many consoles
3. It's A Classic.

Well, the 1st hint mightve gave it away. but anyway..The public realese date will be announced next week!


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2010-06-17 02:48:06

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