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The New Thing..

2008-05-10 05:21:30 by WWE-CHAMP-CENA

Well, Kingdom Hearts Fun Flash isn't a suitable name for something that includes hentai..So, After lots of thinking, I rename the series..or, the 2 submissions..Kingdom Hearts Hentai Ultima.
Pretty Cool Huh? So, Im going to make some minor edits to the submissionsm mainly just changing the names, but I might make some other little edits too.

and, Before I progress more on Kingdom Hearts Hentai Ultima 1.3, I'm sure you all know about the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix's. Good. well, Kinda..Late Celebrating Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix + Im Gonna Create:
Kingdom Hearts Hentai Ultima Final Mix!
well, thats it's name so far..


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